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High White Energy Transmitter by Winarso

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High White Energy Transmitter helps with knowing and intuition. It Aids spiritual journeying, protecting and maintaining physical contact while traveling. Used at its highest vibration, aids traveling into the highest spiritual realms. It is also used for psychic direction and guidance from guides, guardian angels, and totem animals.

High White Energy Transmitter stablishes a conscious a conscious connection between the spiritual and physical realms. It helps to provide a well-defined connection to the physical body during astral travel and also allows one to retain and bring back to the conscious self any information that obtained during travel.

High White Energy Transmitter also stimulating the third-eye enhancing intuitive vision. It brings “white light” energy to one’s soul and love to one’s heart. It is also used to activate the heart chakra. Beneficial in assisting one in reaching and sustaining the meditative state and a very powerful energy in activating the crown chakra. High White Energy Transmitter allows one to recognize their behaviors and attitudes and encourages chakra to become more positive, and helps one to see the truth in all aspects of life and promotes honesty.

receive manual,  attunement  chi ball,  & lineage.

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