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Universal Abundance Course by Winarso

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Universal abundance takes the form of love, happiness, peace of mind, compassion, generosity, enlightenment and confidence; whereas, properties, fame, money, cars clothes and such are forms of material wealth. A genuinely wealthy person is abundant in both spiritual and material riches.

Universal Abundance consists of 5 levels and 1 booster level:

Levels must be taken in the following order;

 1 Level Universal Abundance Empowerment:   

Spiritual Abundance Empowering activating and increasing our vibration of spiritual energy to transmuting these     negative emotion energies and removing the blockages.

Included Audio of Universal Abundance empowerment

2.Universal Abundance Clearing Ray:   

Works well to clear any abundance blockages/limitation.

You can pass attunement of Universal Abundance Empowerment and Universal Abundance Clearing Ray for anothers

3.Universal Abundance Healing Ray:   

Works to heal abundance issues in ourselves or others.

You can pass attunement of Universal Abundance Empowerment, Universal Abundance Clearing Ray and Universal Abundance Healing Ray

4.Universal Abundance Manifestation Ray:    
For manifesting things that you wish or desire in to your life.

Yu can pass attunement of Universal Abundance Empowerment ,Universal Abundance Clearing Ray ,Universal Abundance Healing and Universal Abundance Manifestation

 do not Included Audio Universal Abundance Manifestation Ray.

5.Universal Abundance Wisdom Ray:    
This works to open our understanding about abundance, helps to brace our positive energy, also to increase our business intuition, so that we can see all chances that occur in our environment.

You can pass All Levels Universal Abundance

Included Audio of Universal Abundance Wisdom Ray.

 6 Universal Abundance Angelic Link - Booster level:    
Works well to make a link to connect with the Angel of Abundance.

We can combine this Angelic Link with Universal Abundance’s System especially  with Universal Abundance  Clearing Ray, Universal  Abundance Healing Ray and Universal Manifestation Ray to increase the energy forms and speed up the results.

Receive manual,  attunement  chi ball & lineage

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