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Raja Besi Inner Power Practitioner level by Winarso

EUR 9.99

year 2010

Inner Power is a popular concept in Southeast Asia particularily Indonesia and Malaysia Inner Power- this is the strength within you that you can used it to help you to go through your daily life. Inner Power also call ki, chi, subconcious, inner energy, reiki, prana and many more.   

Everyone have this power within but one need to seek and find it in his self then only can used it in daily life. The demonstration of this power is very amazing - people heal other with this inner energy, people do amazing feat such as walking through fire and many more. This inner energy to help us to reduce stress, to be more relax and be confident with ourself.

Raja Besi Inner Power helps you  to strengthen and protect your physical power, immune system and stamina. Protect yourself from enemies and aggressors. Weaken aggressors as soon as they enter your force field. Protection yourself from psychic attacks, black magic.

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Receive manual, attunement chi ball,  & lineage

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