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Iron Body Protection by Wnarso

EUR 12.00

By Winarso

Price founder 55 $ 

Is a powerful energy for protection and some other forms of benefits. This is a modality that will help one to develop in all areas relative to service, as well, it brings the value pf assistance to the forefront of the conscious mind. It is quite helpful in gaining certainty in our decisions and with taking control of our actions.

The Irom Body Protection is thought to be protective ; Is not only to be protective, but to send the ill-will or evil intent back to the sender thrice-fold!

It also brings with it an air of grounding to the students and to boost self-esteem. Iron Body Protection is thought especially helpful in discordant situations where the students feels they lack control and/or lose their center in the given situation. Iron Body Protection bring the body into perfect pH balance, which is helpful in many an ailment.

Receive manual, attunement chi ball,  & lineage.

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