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Great White Light by Winarso

EUR 9.99

By Winarso

Price 60 $

Great White Light is an excellent energy and wonderful modality.           Great White Light works in the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.

In Heart Chakra:

Great White Light opens and stimulates the Heart Chakra, allowing one’s consciousness to enter one’s Heart centre so that one can fully integrate the energy of love all levels and know one’s  “inner truth”.

The high vibrational energy of Great White Light activates the Heart Chakra, so that one radiates a strong loving out from one’s Heart centre to fill all of one’s being.

Great  White Light helps one to become emotionally stable and strong, dispelling low vibrational emotional energies. It allows one to radiate love to others and to become what we really are, enlightened, loving beings.

Receive manual, attunement chi ball,  & lineage.

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