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CZ Card Snake Transformational Power by Cuzco ( Teresa Rubiolo )

EUR 19.99

by Cuzco Artist Channeller

The activation of this CZ Card requires the total respect of the Sacred. high vibrational energy after activation the energy channeled in the image is renewed automatically you for the rest of your life

no further action is required on your part

if you want you can meditate by viewing the image

CZ Card Snake Transformational Power by Cuzco – Shrewdness Rebirth Occult Knowledge.

The CZ Card Snake Transformational Power is a energetic system force embodying infinite messages to those who are energetically available to perceive them.

I invite you to use the energy of the CZ Card Snake Transformational Power, and see what offers you in the form of message, growth, and enlightenment  characteristics of ability who are connected to CZ Card Snake Transformational Power.

Include: Ability to balance those energies, Connect between primal forces, Occult Knowledge, transformation, Yin-Yang, Rejuvenation, Awareness, Protection, Healing, Intuition, Fertility, Rebirth, Patience, Shrewdness.

Receiving attunement chi ball manual english language ,jpg  image 

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