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Celestial Djinn portal reiki by Manuela Fasoli

EUR 7.99

year 2016

Djinn are magical beings  , they are creatures of free will  with a great power  and a great energy.

The world of the Djinn is  a separate world From our  world of humans. 

Djinn and humans have many  things in common, such as the ability to see  and choose between good and evil or  the ability to love  and desire. 

There’re many kinds of djinns :  this attunement deals with Celestial  good and compassionate Djinn.  

 Djinns  are very powerful and can grant you whishes and give you wisdom . In the  past,  Djinns  had a lot of interaction with mortals. Nowaday Djinn talk with their human companions through various thought forms…In dreams, visions, strong feelings, intuition and so on but for us is  very difficult to hear them! 

This attunement  links you to the Celestial  Djinn portal  lifting up your frequency  so you can receive  message,ideas ,help for your whishes, etheric healing  and high energy  from the Djinn’portal and all Celestial all Djinn

 you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement


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