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Qi Gong Energy Healing Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

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Sept. 2017

 Qi Gong Energy Healing Reiki

 The energies of this system connect you to Universal Source Energy, Life Force Energy, and to your higher self.

 Qi Gong is a form of healing that uses meditation in movement, slow flowing energy, calm soothing energies, breathing in harmony for healing and well BE-ing. 

The Movements are coordinated together in harmony with peace, love, healing. 

Usually many people do this together in harmony, but you can practice the exercises alone as well.

 The energies of this system bring in that full energy of Qi Gong with the flowing harmony and healing of practicing the exercises.

 It is a powerful one energy system that fills you with peace, harmony, and love as you are healing body, mind, and soul.

 Qi Gong Energy Healing Reiki Qi represents Chi, which is the life force energy and gong is energy and the movement of energy. 

This is a flowing energy system. The energies of slow, healing, empowerment for body, mind, and spirit. 

The thoughts and Empowerment of this system is that life force energy is present in all that is, and this energy is always moving and changing, and as a result of practice and clearing your mind, the life force energy can be directed as it flows gently through you and around you.

 The energies are powerful as they come from pure source energy, and when you are free as you are with the energy as it flows through you, you are able to let go of distress, stress, worry, guilt, and all negative chaotic emotions.

 It brings in clarity, focus, healing, and inner peace. 

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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