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High Energy Healing - Hemorroids Reiki by Daelyn Wolf

EUR 9.99

year 2017 

To those of you who have never had Hemorroids, this affliction may seem somewhat funny. 

But Hemorroids can be a serious disease. 

The energy of this attunement connects you to Universal Spirit, and to the highest power of healing possible.

 It works to bring about healing.Both emotionally and physically.

 Hemorroids can be a very devastating illness. Not only is there pain that causes your digestive track to not function properly, but there may be bleeding which at times can require a rush to the hospital.
 This bleeding can at times be so severe that it does require you to see a physician to check it out. 

The energies of this attunement work to clear any negative energies stored in the physical body that may lead to the development of Hemorroids. It also works to help stop bleeding and pain associated with this dis-ease. 

This is an energy infused system.

 It is very powerful in healing the emotions and body, with a special focus on healing Hemorroids.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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