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Vows of Celibacy and Chastity - Release Now ! by Scion

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year 2017

 In our past lives many of us have experienced spiritual vocations as monks, , nuns  etc..

 Many   still feeling held back by these old sacred vows and oaths. the soul recognizes these vows and holds you to them. you hold the vibration or frequency pattern of the vow within your energy system.

Vows of Celibacy and of chastity :

 if you have difficultes  in your love relationships 

 If you have a low libido or have difficulty attracting sexual partners, you may have this vow.

  Sometime  we must realize that we must choose either a vocation or a relationships, and that we cannot have both if before do not find the right inner balance 

Receiving  the Attunement and working  whit these  energies give you  can benefit you greatly on your present path of life 

 Clear  you from these binds of the past , gives you freedom  to live well  the present life 

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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