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Deep Beauty Feminine Energy by Wara Estrini

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year  2012 - 25 $

Deep Beauty Feminine Energy is a powerful energy that has a powerful vibration that may Heighten psychic abilities and may raise your psychic gifts. 

Aid you to embrace your gifts. 

it Have a very spiritual nature.

 This energy helps you to take the journey to connect with Beings in the higher realms.

 Deep Beauty Feminine Energy is a wonderful energy with a vibration that will help women To recognize and embrace their innate personal power.

 It's the deep seated nature of Feminine energy.

 These lovely energy of the feminine principle ... and it may soothe overly Aggressive women.

 It may also solve menstrual related problems, and may teach you many Lessons about how you can choose to live your life.

 It brings confidence and serenity ... its Unique resonance may raise your psychic gifts, within men ... the Deep Beauty Feminine Energy can influence your brain, and help you become more emotionally balanced ... as The right side of your brain is stimulated to become more creative.

 Deep Beauty Feminine Energy also balances the masculine-feminine vibrations within your body, and will nurture Your spirit.

 High energy spiritual that connects both sexes to the vibration of Mother Gaia, And her energy. Deep Beauty Feminine Energy gives you heartfelt joy ... flows out into Your auric field. 

You may feel a deep sense of deep inner consciousness and recognition Your destiny, to open your mind to the prospects that these situations bring in your life ... Its powerful aids to move your life in a new direction. 

New possibilities for manifesting What you desire may emerge.

 Experience a greater number of synchronistic or Serendipitous situations. Teach you that you need to be aware that your life has patterns ... And watch these patterns and be patient. That may be the beginning of new beginnings in your life. to Recognize lessons you may need to learn to move your life to a place where you can Embrace your potential. Intuitively take action at the right time, within the cycle of your life.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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